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    Thank you for your interest in reqesting service with Fulton County REMC. Fulton County REMC operates as a not-for-profit cooperative business, committed to delivering electricity at the lowest possible price. The Co-op does not generate electricity; it purchases power on behalf of its customer-members.



Signing Up

    When you fill out a membership application requesting service from REMC, you become a member of the cooperative. To sign up for a service, a new member must come to the office with a valid photo ID, pass a credit check, and pay a small membership fee. An intial deposit is required prior to connecting service. This is refundable after member have paid twelve bills.

    If you are renting or leasing the property where service is needed, a rental agreement is required and service will not be connected until the documentation is received.         


    Bills are issued on a monthly basis, and are due upon receipt. Bills that remain unpaid after thirty days become delinquent, and the account becomes subject to collection and disconnection procedures in accordance with the REMC rules and regulations. Failure to receive bills does not disqualify you from collections or disconnections. It is the member's responsibility to ensure the office has the latest contact information.

Right of Way

    REMC use rights-of-way to access the Cooperative's electric lines on private property. Properly cleared and accessible rights-of-way help us provide the quick response to service issues and high-level of reliability that our members deserve.


    Properly Cleared Right-of-Way

    Properly Cleared Right of Way 

    A properly cleared right of way provides ample space for REMC vehicles,
    employees, and contractors access to the electric lines.

    Improperly Cleared Right-of-Way

    Improperly Cleared Right of Way

    An improperly cleared right-of-way inhibits access by REMC vehicles,
    employees, and contractors for the installation, maintenance, and repair of
    electric lines.


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